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A little bit about me…

I have always been creative and artistic; able to create the tangible from the intangible. 


From a very young age I realized my creative abilities.  I would spend hours drawing and allowed my hand to freely put on paper what was in my mind.   This visual ability, coupled with my passion to work with my hands, would propel me into a life dedicated to customized carpentry creations.


As a young boy, I learned my fundamental carpentry skills from my Dad working on weekend and summer projects.

My first real job in the industry was as a masonry apprentice, while still in High School.  I acquired knowledge and refined my skills with stone and brick masonry and custom stone designs.  My love for carpentry and woodwork guided me to various carpentry projects.  I continued to increase my knowledge and skills and allowed my creativity to emerge through my custom wood designs. 


Fast forward to current day...  I have worked in the custom carpentry industry since 1984.  I can do anything…  This is my passion…..  I allow my distinct creativity to emerge through my designs.  I give my heart to my work. 

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